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." mitt romney and "the west wing" are in tonight's rewrite. >> i've had a lot of republicans tell me, even supporters of yours, they look to mitt romney's tape, that 47% comment, how damaging was that? >> it was -- mitt acknowledged it was a very inarticulate way of a point we've been making all along in this campaign. >>> in the end, it is unlikely that either candidate for president will say something. with a greater impact on the outcome of the election than this. >> there are 47% of the people are going to vote for the people either way. there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government. who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. who believe they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name i. that's an entitlement and the government should give it to them. and they will vote for this president no matter what. and i mean the president starts off with 48, 49, he starts off with a huge number. 47% of americans pay no income taxes. so our message of low taxes doesn't connect. he'll be out there ta
% for mitt romney. (cheers and applause) mostly latinos tend to vote for democrats, not republicans. >> stephen: but why? romney's father was born in mexico! (laughter) he's a latino! >> he was born in-- you know, i asked him if he was a latino and he told me no. and i think it would be a little too much if he's doing only 21%. he would be doing 15% or 16%. >> stephen: he did his best to appear latino when he was there. jimmy, can we put up the picture here? on the left here is romney when he was in miami two days before. on the right is when he was talking with you on univision. >> that is true but the numbers-- he spent a few days in florida so that changes everything. (laughter) >> stephen: he was apparently campaigning in a nuclear reactor. (laughter) which candidate-- you also do analysis, right? who do you think would be better for the immigrant community? >> there's no question that president obama has supported comprehensive immigration reform. that's giving 11 million immigrants a path to citizenship. >> stephen: he said he would do that. >> he broke a promise. >> stephen:
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of the substance of that it statement from mr. romney, it did turn the whole republican pundit class against him, called every candidate in a contested race to distance themselves from the presidential nominee of their party to start campaigning against mitt romney, telling voters, listen, i don't like that guy on that issue either, but vote for me any way even though i'm a republican. whether or not you think the remarks were scandalous, the polling impact of them is now showing up directly at a time when mr. romney's egregiously bad polling numbers seem to be calcifying and when most voters are now starting to vote. an incredibly negative impact for romney and his campaign at a difficult time for them. now on the eve of the first presidential debate, if they were hoping to put that behind them, any hope of getting away from the issue has now been expunged because "the huffington post" tonight set off its own bells and whistles, flashing siren bomb shell by posting previously uncirculated video of paul ryan speaking less than a year ago. and what will effect the debate tomorrow is mr. ryan in t
. so if you're a republican partisan who wants mitt romney to win, you have to be concerned about this political reality that voter registration has been stopped by your party in those swing states. the but if you're worried about voter fraud about the possibility of voter fraud, you don't have to worry about this group's history that was hired by the rnc about whether they have done something that is going to prevent votes from being counted. not fake votes, real votes. this group is alleged to have gotten progressives to sign up to vote and thrown away the registration forms of the voters who signed up as democrats. did this happen? this group has been fired now. they say they're sorry but given what they were accused of in past. how much damage has been done? might it work to suppress the vote anyway? now with today's ruling. the list of states where republicans try to change the law to block voters from being able to cast ballots. includes wisconsin, texas, florida, arizona, south carolina, ohio and now pennsylvania and mississippi. back to back the courts have stepped in and
of paul ryan and mitt romney have not been about some secret past for these men. unless you count paul ryan pledging his allegiance back in 2005. the tape that's made a big impact against the republican side this year has been tape of things that paul ryan and mitt romney have been saying within the past year. specifically when they are talking to conservative audiences. so two weeks ago, david corn and ryan grim at "the huffington post" posted video of romney talking to wealthy donors in florida. deriding the 47% of the country that he said did not pay federal income taxes and who were dependent on the government and victims and who he would never be able to reach because he would not be able to purr suede them to take responsibility for their lives. >> i'll never convince 47% of the country to take personal responsibility and care for their lives. those comments he describes his disdain for half the country, those comments have had a measurable impact on the campaign. in the new poll just released in the last couple hours, people say those remarks from mr. romney made them feel more
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of a presidential debate. four years ago he faced off with republicans including mitt romney for the presidential nomination. rudy giuliani's joining us now from denver. he's there. he supports mitt romney, obviously. thanks very much, mayor, for coming in. >> nice to be with you, wolf. >> a lot of us remember some of the debates four almost five years ago, you were involved, you were running for the republican nomination. i went back and checked and there was this exchange -- it was a tough exchange you had at that cnn youtube debate back in 2007. it was in st. petersburg, florida. i want to play this clip. >> you hear someone with a funny accent, you as a homeowner is suggesting you go out and ask for their papers. >> if you are going to -- if you are going to take -- >> let him respond and we have to move on. >> if you're going to take this holier than thou attitude, you are perfect on immigration. >> i'm not perfect. >> it just so happens you have a special immigration problem that nobody else here has. you are employing illegal immigrants. that is a pretty serious thing. they were under your
in this country because we're standing up and enforcing trade rules. >> romney and the republicans keep talking about another tax cut for the job creators. don't we just see them increasing their profits by outsourcing this way? i mean, the model that romney wants to lay on the country, how could it be good for workers in ohio? >> well, it's not. we tried these tax cuts for the rich. hoping it trickles down to the middle class, it doesn't work. what works is when you build the economy from the middle class out. the auto rescue has worked in ohio. we're not where we need to be, but more than three percentage points lower than in 2010. we have more tire jobs, more steel jobs, more aluminum jobs in sydney, ohio. i want the president to take one more step and that is and romney could help us with this. they could pass my legislation in the house. we have passed it in the senate to level the playing field on chinese currency, the largest bipartisan jobs bill to pass the senate. we're asking -- >> he hasn't. and the romney camp keeps coming back. it's passed in the senate and boehner won't bring it u
for republicans in pennsylvania. earlier this year one of the party leaders boasted the law would help mitt romney win the election. >> voter i.d., which is going to allow mitt romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> pennsylvania is just one of 41 states to pass restrictive new voting laws since president obama won in 2008. so far 17 states have successfully passed restrictive votesing laws since president obama won the white house. republicans in ohio tried to squash early voting. the gop tried to purge the voter roles in florida. the republicans have claimed all along they are trying to stop voter fraud. but look what happens. it turns out they are the ones who were cheating. a get out the vote scandal is rocking the republican party. strategic allied consulting was hired to help register voters. now they are firing the firm. florida has turned up 100 suspicious voter forms and in colorado one worker was caught on tape claiming she worked for the county? >> you work for romney obama? >> i thought you were rej sterg voters. >> i am. >> who are you registering? all voters? >> i'm trying
the democratic incumbent and his republican chhllenger..-ain. preview. final preparations are underway for tonight's first presidential election debaae showdown between president obama and republican candddate mitt romney will take place at the universityyoo denver. unlikeedebatessof tte past... organizers say this event will be a little different.peter eyre / commissioo oo presidential ebates:" what's different about the format is that we are dividdng the hour-and-a-half debate into six discuusion segments // we think ttat those exxended iscussioo periods thh world really et a sense of thh candidates views on he key issues..." the economy is a key issue on he cammaignntrail... but since colorado is one offthe few states that appearssto bb weathering the national economic downturn, some won't bb voting withhtheir pocketbooks...david stavely / air assto whooi am going to for why i aa still in up the airr and it really comes down to do i want to see a better economy or loss rightss thha's the way look at it..."carmmn mendoza / voter:"...i need to actually listen
romney and republicans and will get his 50% by cobbling together various groups. i am not sure anything much he is saying is telling us what he would do in 2013. for a moment that invites, i very much agree there is a big debate about the future of the country and fundamental choices on entitlements. we're not getting it. i do not say that necessarily critically. bareboat doing what they feel they have to do. a very small campaign for a big moment. maybe that's a very revealing campaign. >> interesting comments about the 51.1%. we once did a survey and the senator for whom we were serving had a 65% approval rating. i said this is really great. 65 percent. he said i want 90. your thoughts on all, and iran is leadership. -- thoughts on obama and mitt romney's leadership. >> charlie cooke is one of the critical procrastinators around here. the critically said some time back that of president obama is reelected it will be despite the economy. if iran is reelected, despite his campaign. i think -- if mitt romney is elected, it will be despite his campaign. i think he grew up in a privileged
in perspective. joining me from denver, romney surrogate, republican congressman from utah, jason chaffetz. fox news political analyst juan williams. we have paul heckly, executive director with the deloitte center for health solutions. we have ed kinard, former bain capital managing director. gentlemen, thanks for all of you coming on. we appreciate it. congressman, i will start with you. what do you think mitt romney needs to do to achieve tonight on the economy? let's focus on that? >> mitt romney just need to be mitt romney. if he can talk about the turn around he has been able to do in the private sector. the turnarounds he did with the olympics. what he did in massachusetts. then share in a very compassionate way his vision for the country. yes there will be time to criticize the president's lack of accomplishments as the president of the united states but then he also has to pivot very quickly this is what we should be doing. this is why the recovery could and should be better. when mitt romney does that i think people will see why he should be the next president of the united states. me
to my question for the president, when romney is talking about the 47%, that is just basic republican doll dog ma, if he apologizes or back tracks the way you are suggesting, he is going to insult the base, would he not? >> not if he does it right. what i'm saying is i was speaking at a fund-raiser, i was speaking to insiders, i was using shorthand, i was using technical cold-blooded language. that's not me. that's not who i am. obviously, the reason i want to win the presidency, die want to help everybody, i have shown that in my private life, i can show it to you. these the kind of thing he's got to do he's got his base pretty solid. as a matter of fact, if you look at the numbers in the nbc/"wall street journal" poll, republicans are somewhat more committed, enthusiastic about voting for him. i think it is primarily because they are voting are against the president, not because they are voting for mitt romney. he has got to give those undecided four or five percent some comfort that they are not turning the country over to a cold-blooded guy who only cares about flipping corporatio
when i interviewed romney before the republican convention, we did it down in new orleans, he hasn't done this yet but he's very at ease talking about finance, talking about business. as a consultant, he was involved in many, many different industries. he can talk about technology, about retail, about cars. i think people want to see, what's your expertise? what is it about your background and knowledge base that would make you a better leader in terms of free jobs? he hasn't he can plained that very well. >> your interview in the september 3rd issue of "time ", you pressed him on tax loopholes, which ones he would close. you kind of went at him to really give specifics. >> right. >> and his response was, i know our democrat friends would love to have me specify one of or two so they could amass the special interest to fight that effort. can he get away with that tonight? i mean, he hinted at details recently but will he be forced to be more specific? >> i'm going to make a prediction here on your show. >> okay. >> which is that actually tonight he will reveal something about those
duties got to say the country from romney and the republicans, and, therefore, is going to get his 50.1% by cobbling together various groups say can either appeal to or scare him enough about the prospect of another republican administration. but i'm not sure anything he is saying is telling us what he would do in 2013. so it's a funny kind of, for a moment, i very much agree with jon, a device a big debate about the future of the country, we are not getting it. and i don't say that necessary critically. they both are doing what they feel they have to do, but it's a very small campaign for a big moment and, therefore, maybe not a very revealing campaign for what either would you as president. >> an interesting comment about the 50.1% because all politicians i know always went 50.9%. i was talking and he said this is really great, 65%. he said no, i want 90. congressman gordon, your thoughts on obama and romney's leadership. >> well, if we tie back to the campaign in to the 50.1%, i think that is telling. i was with charlie cook last night. he is one of the political and gnostic hitter
of the middle-class and provide jobs for the american people. >> republican candidate mitt romney want lower taxes and less government intervention. that's something this family agrees with, particularly when it comes to health care reform very >> health care is not our right in the sense we don't authorize the government to take for other people to provide the american people with health care. healthcare is a privilege. >> but this obama supporters sees a different america. he says the government is not giving people the help they need. >> health care is not a privilege. health-care is right. playing golf is a privilege. you don't have to play golf. >> he can afford to buy private insurance for themselves and his family, but as a presbyterian minister, he often crop -- often comes across people his lights have been turned upside down by the economic crisis. that's why a lot with most of the members of this parish council, he was to see president obama reelected. he wants to see more opportunities for those who are less well-off, especially when it comes to education. many students are left
will face his republican challenger, former met -- massachusetts governor mitt romney on campus. 80 million people are expected to watch on tv and online in this first debate between the two man. we will be here for the next two hours to set the stage, discussing the debate, logistics, and policies of the evening. we will involve you in this discussion. here is how you can take part. iphone, democrats can dial -- by phone, democrats can dial. republicans and independents -- the numbers on the screen. if you will tweet about the debate, use the hash tag #cspan2012. we may use your comments on air. our question for this program -- what would you have if you had the chance to ask? this is a domestic policy debate. you can send our thoughts on the question you would most like to ask on our facebook page. the moderator is jim lehrer of pbs. the debate is structured into a series of 15 minute questions, many focusing on the economy. the economy gets the first half of the debate, with questions 1, two, and 3. then they move on to the topic of health care, which has major econom
obama and republican challenger mitt romney finally on the stage for the very first debate. the advantage goes to the president in the brand new poll out there of likely voters. 56% betting on obama to win tonight. only 32% picking mitt romney. i want to bring in cnn contributor, erick erickson, thank you for being here. you were calling it fight night in america, right? >> it is like friday night, a big fight. >> erick, i would like to start with you, you heard the poll numbers, what does romney have to do in order to overcome those expectations? low expectations? >> apparently not much. i hate the expectation games with debates. you know, these guys are both competent professionals. the spin they try to put out that, oh, mitt romney is better than me or barack obama is better than me, he just, one, needs to give up the trying to look pleasant and likable. he's been trying to do this now for a year and he hasn't been likable. show up, be competent, show you can do the job and be nice to the president the same way the president needs to be nice to you. by the way, i have my
's self-made. it's what mitt romney did to himself in the primaries, what the republicans did to themselves in the primary. they know unless they get 35% minimum or so of the hispanic vote, they can't win the election. they're going to hope and pray that that 70% doesn't turn out because hispanic turnout is traditionally lower than the numbers indicate. if that percentage holds up, it makes it very, very difficult. in states like this one, in states like colorado, a swing state we're in, or nevada, or even north carolina and ohio, for the republicans to win. they are a minority of a minority demographically. that's what that number shows. >> we have nate silver's estimates today. he points out some fascinating thing. a very smart guy who writes for the new york times. he points out what's going on. he analyzed the polls coming in and going out of debates since 1969. he doesn't look at who won the debate. he looks at the polls before and after to see what happened in those debates. he found usually a small bounce coming out of the first debate for the challenger, not the incumb
and lighting. president obama leads republican challenger mitt romney by three percentage points in national polls. romney is within striking distance. both men have been preparing for weeks. president obama's advisers have been telling him not to be professorial. do not speak for too long. for mitt romney, they're saying do not commit a gaffe. try to stay on message. that is why he has practiced. >> mitt romney arrived in denver early, visiting a mexican fast- food restaurant. this and a 7% of hispanic voters in the u.s. support obama. the president spent three days preparing in nevada where he took time off to visit the hoover dam before leaving for denver. >> the trial over the former butler for the pope went into its third day today. >> in a briefing, the spokesman said police describe how they found documents at department. police say the pope had marked some of them to be destroyed. a tunnel is expected to return its critic on saturday -- panel is expected to return its verdict on saturday. >> the country has sought to bonds that are due to mature for longer-term debt. that reduces the
. president obama and republican candidate mitt romney face off in denver tonight for the first debate of the presidential campaign. on tuesday, vice-president joe biden drew ridicule from republicans after saying the middle-class has been buried the last four years. although biden was referring to the effects of the financial crisis that began under the bush administration, paul ryan seized on the remarks as an admission of failure. this is deadly earnest. how they can justify, how can they justify raising taxes on the middle class? the middle-class has been buried last four years. how, in lord's name, can they justify raising taxes? >> vice-president biden today said that the middle-class over the last of we or years has been buried. we agree. that means we need to stop digging, which means we have to collect mitt romney as president of the united states. >> meanwhile, paul ryan has appeared in videos online. in a speech delivered last november, he said 30% of americans want to live off the government. today, 70% of americans get more benefit from the federal government and a payback
and republican contender mitt romney go toe-to-toe and head- to-head in their first debate tonight. here to wiegh in on the issues, michael iannacone, who is with mdi investments, and rebel cole, a finance professor at depaul university. welcome back to the show. > > thank you very much. > > tonight's debate will very much focus on the economy. who is the better man for the job? > > there is no better man for the job. mr. obama keeps focusing on that it's not his problem and he hasn't fixed it in 3 1/2 years, and mitt romney is protecting the really rich and the middle-class are being shafted. > > i will have to go with paul ryan, because he's the only one who has offered a comprehensive budget that would actually deal with the nation's problems. whether you agree or disagree with his plan, at least he's had the courage to step up and offer numbers. > > a new cnbc poll may surprise you. it reveals that 55% of americans say the economy is worse than it was four years ago. 22% say it's better, 17% it's about the same. but voters overwhelmingly chose president obama as the candidate that they would
and republican challenger mitt romney face to face for their first debate in colorado. it's the first of three scheduled forums and this one will focus mainly on the economy. remember, you can see it live right here on cbs 5 at 6:00 tonight. >>> 6:58. one last look at a little traffic traffic and weather. >> still hot 90s in the valleys. 70s and 80s more manageable around the bay and 60s and the 70s at the coastline. temperatures dropping off, partly cloudy over the weekend. even a slight chance of showers as we head in toward monday. by the way it's a very special day. this is my little girl jessica. it is your birthday today. happy birthday, sweetheart! have a great day at school. we'll party later on today. >> happy birthday! >> happy birthday, jessica. >> she is 8 years old today. >> what a great looking photo. >> beach day yesterday. you took her? >> yeah. >> very nice. >>> all right. let's take you outside. we have kcbs driving right now going northbound 680. so yeah, mobile5 is look good through the san ramon valley all the way towards walnut creek. what doesn't look so good check out
, factor exclusive. we'll talk to the man who prepped mitt romney for his republican primary debates, right b >> bill: impact segment, president obama in nevada, mitt romney in colorado. both prepping for the big debate tomorrow night. remember when newt gingrich clocked the governor in the south carolina debate last spring, romney came back strong in florida. the man who helped prepare the governor for those debates, brett o'dnell joins us now. you really know this turf because you worked for john mccain when he ran against barak obama in 2008 and now in the primary season, you worked for mitt romney. let's assess the governor's strengths and weaknesses as a debater first. strengths? >> well, i think the governor is a very good messenger. he's a good orator, he can deliver a speech. he's very good when he's on message and on offense. as you saw in the debates in florida against newt gingrich when he got on offense, the governor was very effective. when he leans into a debate, he can be pretty effective. >> bill: all right. weakness? >> weaknesses, when he gets -- like most every politician
with their friends. when ann romney spoke at the republican convention, there were thousands of gop people just treating -- tweeting almost as she spoke a paragraph. you do not know how reliable that is. and i recommend that when people watch the debate, they watch it not just with those who think as they do. democrats should not just sit around in a room with democrats. they should watch it with their opponent. because what is most telling, to me, is not what the spin doctors say, but if you sit around with people from opposing parties, they will say -- did he just say that? and so it will not be your bias. because you are for obama or romney. so, i think it is really, you need to not just be on your own. >> i could not agree more. that is why we do these debate watches. there are the young republicans and young democrats. and they have a discussion afterwards. return of the spin doctors. i would be suspicious of what i saw on twitter. based on the reasons you say. the campaigns are hitt to that. >> i think -- the campaigns are hip to that. >> one thing i can say the tendency to do then is you
hours before the debate, joe biden handed romney new ammunition in a stump speech about the republican tax plan. >> how they can
lately. flash back to 2008 and there they are, senator barack obama and mitt romney sharing a few moments. >> after the republican debate november in new hampshire. two of the three times the men have ever seen each other in person. flash forward to 2012. one day before tomorrow's debate, romney briefly stopped for lunch grabbing buritos with his sparring partner, ohio senator, rob courtman. >> people want to know who is going to win? president obama spent the day near las vegas. where his rehearsals was john kennedy and caught about joking them. >> they are making me do my home withwork. >> romney seemed to down play his reports that prepped him with sinkers. >> it's not so much winning or losing, it's about something bigger than that. it will be a conversation with the american people that will span almost an entire month. >> and romney has softened his position on immigration. he will honor the president's recent stop gap measure, stay in the country until immigration reform is passed. tomorrow's debate will focus on domestic issues. the second half will address healthcare and o
talking. the president congratulated romney when he clinched the republican nomination and this moment in 2007, a labor day parade in 2007. >> good luck to you today. >> reporter: but tonight, they will shake hands in front of millions watching, before debating each other for the first time. in a format that is more free wheeling, no strict time limits for answers. creating an environment in which the two will be able to challenge one another. every detail here set for tonight, both campaigns flipping a coin. the president will be introduced first, he'll get the first question. the romney campaign winning the toss on closing arguments. governor romney will get the final word tonight. even a coin toss over the wives. mrs. romney will be introduced first. both wives playing the role of debate partner. mrs. romney telling cnn it's been her most important role during the campaign. >> it's a cute thing that he does, almost after every answer. he finds me in the audience. the first thing he does on stage, he takes off his watch, he puts it on the podium. but then he writes "dad." >> reporter
, factor exclusive. we'll talk to the man who prepped mitt romney for his republican primary debates, ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with the citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] >> bill: impact segment, president obama in nevada, mitt romney in colorado. both prepping for the big debate tomorrow night. remember when newt gingrich clocked the governor in the south carolina debate last spring, romne
debates.mitt jenna: we'll have computers up and ready to go. what are the republicans predicting? >> reporter: like the democrats they're building up their opponent in order to lower the bar for mitt romney noting the president is accomplished public speaker though that may be something different than being a good debater. and they expect his debate answers to follow his campaign speeches. republican national committee chairman reince priebus wrote in an op-ed in the "denver post" this morning, quote, unable to defend his record, president obama will make excuses and he will spend the debate dishonestly attacking governor romney, exactly what he has been doing at campaign rallies and on the airwaves for months now. we can expect mr. romney to hammer home the increase in the national debt and the stubbornly high jobless rate and to ascertificate mr. obama had the chance but failed to fix them. jenna? jenna: we'll watch for that tonight. wendell, thank you very much. we are your election headquarters and only place, only place you need to be for tonight's big debate. tun
until he takes the stage to go head-to-head with his republican challenger in what could be the most crucial 90 minutes of this campaign. a coin toss has determined the order, with the president taking the first question and mitt romney having the last word. but with little more than a month to election day, and early voting already under way in 35 states, our new msnbc news/wall street journal poll shows just how much magic mitt will have to bring tonight to change this game. in the national polling, a whisper of hope for romney as he trails the president by three point, 49 to 46, just within the margin of error. the problem for mr. romney, well, presidential elections are decided by electoral votes. and in that puzzle, mitt's chances are starting to crumble like a poorly constructed game of genga. it's still a close race in virginia and florida, with the president up by two in the old dominion. it's ohio with the president opening up a lead of eight points in the buckeye state, where voting is under way. with ohio joining pennsylvania, are iowa and new hampshire turning increasingl
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